CCNA Exam Tracks

There are two tracks that can be followed in achieving the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification.

Track 1: Single Exam Path

Passing the 640-802 CCNA exam.


Track 2: Dual Exam Path

Passing the ICND1 exam and ICND2 exam.


Voucher Information

In June 2003, Cisco announced two new exams that when combined, lead to CCNA certification; the INTRO exam and the ICND exam.

In response to requests by the Academy Community, Cisco has created new discount voucher opportunities for the INTRO and the ICND exams.

Beginning today Academy Instructors will see and be able to activate a voucher exam in CCNA 2, English Version 3.0 and higher. A score of "voucher eligible" enables the user to get a discount voucher for the INTRO exam. Students have three attempts on the CCNA 2 voucher exam.

A score of "voucher eligible" on the CCNA 4 Version 3.0 or 3.1 voucher exam enables a user who has earned an INTRO exam voucher in CCNA 2 to earn either a voucher for the CCNA exam or a voucher for the ICND exam.

A score of "voucher eligible" on the CCNA 4 Version 3.0 or 3.1 voucher exam enables a user who did NOT earn an INTRO voucher in CCNA 2 to either choose vouchers for both the INTRO and the ICND exams or to choose a voucher for the CCNA exam. Students have three attempts on the CCNA 4 voucher exam.

Exam prices vary by country due to currency fluctuations. On average, INTRO & ICND are roughly $100 each (United States dollar or equivalent) worldwide and the CCNA exam is between $125-150 (United States dollar or equivalent). The INTRO and ICND discount vouchers are currently each 62.5% off the local cost. This discount can change without notice. CCNA discount vouchers are currently 50% or 70% off the local cost depending on the economic conditions of the country where that discount is applied. This discount can change without notice.

For further details, please read the FAQ's "What are the requirements to receive an INTRO, ICND or CCNA voucher?"(Answer ID 2377) and "What does 'voucher eligible' mean on the CCNA voucher exam?"(Answer ID 2210) These can be found in the "Help" section in the upper right hand corner of each page of Academy Connection.


How do Instructors and Students request a CCNA Discount Voucher?


Before requesting a voucher, please access the URLs below to select a Cisco Testing Delivery Partner (Prometric or Pearson VUE). Please select a Delivery Partner with a testing center in your area that is able to deliver the certification exam.

Pearson VUE - (This is what HHS will use !!)

Prometric -

Your voucher must be used in the same region where you completed your Academy training.

No exchanges, refunds, or extensions will be granted if the wrong testing center is selected.

Vouchers must be used by the expiration date

Please confirm the discount amount with the testing center PRIOR to taking the exam. We will not reimburse Students or Instructor for the voucher. You cannot make changes to your voucher request after it has been submitted.


To request a Discount Voucher, please follow the steps listed below:

1. Login to the Academy Connection at

2. Click on the 'Request for CCNA Voucher' link located in the 'Career Development' or 'Professional Development' section from your Home page.

3. Before you request a voucher please read the information located on the 'Request a Voucher' page.

4. Choose the Country

5. Choose the Testing Center

6. Click 'Submit'


Please Note: After completing the Voucher Exam, the link that allows Students and Instructors the ability to request a discount voucher may take up to 24 hours to appear. If you are not eligible to receive a discount voucher for a particular curriculum, you will not receive the 'Request a Voucher' link. After completing the request, you may review your Discount Voucher information in your profile. The details are accessible by clicking on the 'My Profile' link at the top of your Home page and scrolling down to the Voucher Information.


You will need to schedule a testing time with HCC at least one week prier to taking the test.

Click on this link for info on HCC testing center: HCC is your VUE testing center